Helpful Tips To Ease Dental Fear

Helpful Tips To Ease Dental Fear

Posted by SmileHere Family Dental

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on Mar 18 2023, 11:19 PM

Helpful Tips To Ease Dental Fear

Dental phobia is the fear of the dentist. Dental phobia is a type of anxiety disorder that affects millions of people. This fear prevents them from visiting the dentist regularly. If you have dental fear, ease them by following these steps. 

Discuss your fear with your dentist

It is normal to feel nervous before even visiting the dentist's office. However, don't ignore or postpone your dental treatment due to fear. Talk to your dentist and let him know about your anxiety. Let him know ways he can help you be comfortable and relaxed. He might suggest using sedation dentistry to keep you calm during the treatment. Or he might advise you to practice deep breathing exercises daily to help calm any anxious nerves.

Agree on a signal to tell your dentist to stop a procedure

Discussing your fears with your dental care provider is the first step towards taking control of the situation. Explain your anxiety to your dentist and ask if he has a way or a signal to stop the procedure whenever you are feeling uncomfortable. Ask him to explain all the stages of treatment and what each of them will feel like for you. This way you will know what to expect at each stage of the procedure and may stay calmer knowing that you have control over the process.

Agreeing on a signal that your dentist can use to convey to him when you are feeling uncomfortable will also help ease your discomfort. It can be anything from raising your hand or tapping on the chair. By giving your dentist a signal, you know that you can stop the treatment anytime you want without having to explain yourself. This will put off a lot of stress from you. 

Take a friend or family member with you for support

When going to a dentist's clinic, it might help to take a friend or a family member with you as moral support. They can keep you distracted from dental procedures and help you stay calm and relaxed while enduring them. They can also act as your advocate when communicating with the dental office staff.

Bring distractions to occupy your mind during procedures

Distracting yourself with a stress ball or your favorite book is a great way to occupy your mind and relax your body during a procedure. 

Consider sedation dentistry

You can ease your fear by discussing it with your dentist and asking for their help to minimize your discomfort. Using relaxation techniques like deep breathing can also help you relax during your visit to the dentist. Ask your dentist about these techniques and medications that might make your visit more comfortable. If you are suffering from severe dental phobia, consider asking your doctor regarding dental sedation. Sedation dentistry is perfect for those who have extreme fear and anxiety about dental procedures.

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