Dental technology has enabled dentists to get their hands on some of the most advanced equipment that makes treatment procedures convenient, less painful, and comprehensive. One such cutting-edge device is the BIOLASE Waterlase laser. It is an all-tissue laser that combines the power and precision of a laser with water to produce highly precise results.

What is BIOLASE?

BIOLASE is popularly known to be the leading innovator when it comes to dental lasers. The Waterlase system developed by BIOLASE is a worthy alternative to conventional dental procedures, as it offers minimally painful, comprehensive, and quick solutions.

What are the advantages of BIOLASE?

  • Virtually painless: Many patients have dental phobia due to the anxiety of pain or needles. But, the BIOLASE system helps you get away from this as the procedure would be virtually painless. Most importantly, it avoids the use of dental drills.
  • Water-powered dentistry: The laser system developed by BIOLASE uses a combination of laser, air, and water to make it absolutely safe for use on human tissues. The inclusion of water in the system reduces the heat produced during the procedure and keeps the teeth hydrated.
  • Single-visit: We understand that multiple dental visits could be too inconvenient for patients amidst their busy schedules. But, the BIOLASE system allows the dentist to address almost all your dental needs in just one visit to our practice.
  • Precise and safe: Since BIOLASE can be used on both adults and children, it emphasizes how safe the procedure is. A conventional drill can produce excessive heat, damage the inner dental pulp, or lead to microscopic cracks on the enamel. In some instances, the drill may not be all that precise. But, with the use of BIOLASE, the procedures can be carried out with excellent accuracy and most often without the need for anesthesia.

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